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Tom Cagley
VP of Consulting, David Consulting Group

Helping employees embrace challenges and be innovative

  • How to introduce challenges into teams, even those with repetitive roles where command and control appears to work
  • 7 ways to provide employees with opportunities to share their concerns and ideas with more senior managers
  • How giving employees some slack time for thinking each day increased productivity by 6%

Ambrosia Humphrey
VP of HR at HootSuite Media

Social media goes mainstream: Engraving social media deeply into your culture

  • Gamification: how to tap social technologies into organisational behaviour
  • The no.1 and no.2 things social media technologies must have for employees to believe they are effective
  • The ultimate case study for harnessing social media as an engagement tool from your leadership down

Tim Johns
Business Advisor Fishburn Hedges, Partner, Change Agency, Founder Orato Consulting, NED Communicate TV

Earning trust: be the change you want to see

  • The two key reasons trust is at an all time low and what you can do to overcome them in your organisation
  • The no.: 1 skill for building trust that everyone can develop, if they want to
  • A new model for building trust among younger employees without the deference mindset of earlier generations

Mike Nnaji
Deputy Head, Corporate Services, Fidelity Bank

Best from the West: Cut - Adapt - Paste

  • African practices that encourage people to trust each other and their leaders, that can easily be adopted in the West
  • How to encourage trust, confidence and camaraderie among employees from different cultural backgrounds
  • How to help new employees live your organisation’s values in ways that are real

Rebecca Richmond
COO, Melcrum

Demonstrating the bottom line benefits of engagement

  • 3 management by walking about practices that are proving particularly effective globally; and how to introduce them
  • An incredibly powerful mechanism for helping leaders become comfortable when they are not natural communicators
  • Getting the balance between taking people out of comfort zones and into participation, and allowing them to be wallflowers

Jane Sparrow
Author, The Culture Builders, Huffington Post columnist

Leading high performing cultures that last

  • 5 characteristics great leaders have; how to recognise your preferences and practical steps to strengthen them
  • 4 attributes of personality that together create the fundamental pillar of trust essential to constructive relationships
  • The biggest challenge that consistently catches leaders out around the world when they do not back their good intentions up with action

Jo Ann Sweeney
Founder, Sweeney Communications, consultant, mentor, trainer

Distinctive Practices that Reinforce Motivation and Job Satisfaction

  • 6 factors that determine job satisfaction in organisations globally and that are easy to introduce whatever your culture
  • 4 distinctive people practices from exceptional organisations that reinforce job satisfaction
  • When to use money as a motivator and when to use other forms of reward to strengthen job satisfaction

Todd Revolt
Director, Marketing & Business Development, Tango Card

Creating More Players in the Game

  • How to develop a step-by-step recognition scheme that strengthens loyalty, creativity and motivation within teams
  • The dollar value people most appreciate when receiving gift cards and vouchers as rewards – you’ll be surprised by this
  • Insights into Atlassian’s fedex days from an insider: why they’re great for creating passion and self-motivation.

James Wright
MD, Red Agency

Citizens of the imagination: Creating, developing and nurturing great teams

  • The 6 hallmarks of team members who are working effectively and doing their best day in, day out
  • How managers can ensure their team members have roles and responsibilities that play to their strengths
  • Using technology to engage digitally empowered Generation X and Generation Y team members.

Katharina Auer
Global Head of Employee Communications, Zurich Insurance Group

The way we do things round here: Getting into the DNA of culture

  • 6 questions to ask of business leaders before creating a communications process around any campaign, project or programme
  • The secret for changing culture and bringing company values to life so they get zapped into your cultural DNA
  • How to identify peer-2-peer influencers, the go-to people others listen to in your organisation