Complete your library with the cd boxed set of each and every interview in the Worth Working Summit 2011

Discover Insider Secrets for Improving Morale and Motivation

Whether you team is working well together or change and uncertainty is impacting their performance, our speakers will help you uncover ways of improving morale and motivation so people continue to give their best.

Areas where they share in-depth include leadership style, using skills and abilities, learning and growing, knowing what is going on, feeling valued, relationships with colleagues and social responsibility.

These speakers are among the best in the business world. To hire mentors of this calibre and spend time with them at their consultancy rates would be thousands and thousands. But it won’t cost you anywhere near that.

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Meet our speakers and some of the insights they share

Brian Adamson
Business Change Facilitator, Capability2Change

Unlocking potential through virtuous circles where people love what they do, get rewarded, then achieve even more

  • Job descriptions that get people out of bed in the morning and happy to come to work
  • Tools and techniques that help an organisation understand what people are good at and passionate about
  • Creating a virtuous circle where an individual’s or team’s performance continues to improve

Clive Ansell
Managing Director, Technology, Tribal Group

Leadership is a Marathon not a Sprint – wise leadership is revealed through your impact on people

  • The three key things leaders must do first
  • What happens if I go under a bus – creating continuity
  • Finding ways to be accessible to people throughout your organisation

Carol Borghesi
Senior Vice President, Client Experience, TELUS

Making Work Meaningful for people through corporate social responsibility activities

  • Using corporate social responsibility to bring the brand promise to life
  • Why CSR resonates with all generations of employees, capturing their minds as well as their hearts
  • Tips for developing CSR programmes that are large in scope but local in delivery


Meryl Bushell
Owner, Meryl Bushell Ltd; Non-executive Director, Supplierforce; Non-executive Director, James Latham Plc

Balancing Feedback and Recognition so people understand what is expected of them and how they are adding value

  • The no.:1 imperative when giving feedback and recognising people for their contributions to the business
  • Three key benefits of feedback for customer service and the bottom line
  • Ideas for campaigns and promotions that celebrate achievements and encourage behaviours


Richard Chiumento
Founder & CEO, Rialto Consultancy

Commitment to Excellence, Innovation and Creativity that helps organisations stay ahead in a world of constant change

  • How to use a commitment to excellence as a catalyst to step change in performance
  • Creating a checklist for people in their jobs so individuals know what excellence means for them
  • Three pillars of change that need to be in place before people commit to coming on the change journey

John Niland
Principal Coach & Founder, Success 121

Kick starting a culture of learning and growing appropriate to your organisation

  • Why expertise and relationships create the greatest value in a business
  • Five tips for co-creating learning with employees
  • The single greatest contribution any manager can make to learning and growth in their team


Paul Oliver
Visiting fellow University of Liverpool; Managing Director, Conduco Consulting Ltd

The difference between leadership systems, leaders and leading

  • How to align yourself with the management ethos and culture of your organisation
  • When command and control works and when it doesn’t
  • Using the True Leadership quadrant to create a balanced leadership team



Rebecca Richmond
Research & Content Director, Melcrum Publishing Ltd

Fostering an environment where employees trust and collaborate with each other

  • Connecting people and fostering relationships to help the organisation grow organically
  • What leaders are looking for from their internal communication specialists
  • Using content to create collaborative environments across the employee base

Euan Semple

Encouraging informed and timely conversations that help people do their jobs

  • How appropriate use of new technologies helps companies become leaner and more efficient
  • The link between information flows within an organisation and business success
  • Why it is better to manage risk through relationships rather than through technology

Angela Sinickas
President, Sinickas Communications

Finding the engagement sweet spot where people believe they are making a difference

  • Six questions people need answers to before they will believe their company is worth working for
  • Four things that persuade people to go the extra mile in their roles
  • The single thing that helps people understand their contribution to the company

Jo Ann Sweeney
Managing Director, Sweeney Communications Ltd

What makes a company worth working for?

  • How disillusionment affects customer service, relationships and collaboration
  • Steps to spot if there is a disconnect between what you think makes the company worth working for and what employees think
  • Practical techniques and activities for building ongoing conversations with employees


Caroline Waters OBE
Director of People & Policy, BT Group

Magic happens when ethics is ingrained in business as an absolute expression of how things get done

  • Eight criteria for judging whether a company is ethical in practice
  • The two words that crop up most often when people are asked what ethics means to them
  • The role diversity and environmental care play when highly talented people decide who to work for