We all know employees give of their best when they believe their company is worth working for

Uncover how to improve
Employees’ Attitudes and Behaviours
so yours continues to be a
Company Worth Working For in 2014


Practical ideas from experienced business leaders, thought-provoking authors and renown consultants

We’ve brought together seven experts in leadership and employee engagement so you can help stakeholders engage with your business vision, values and purpose.

Learn from their expertise and experience as they talk about using benefits that provide core business stability, leveraging entrepreneurial autonomy, viral employee engagement, and much more…

Though they work for different companies and on different continents – North America, Europe, Africa, Australasia – the thinking and best practices they share you will find relevant as well.

Join them for the 2014 Worth Working Summit when they share what they’ve found works in practice in many different countries and cultures

You'll hear new insights, ideas, tools and techniques you can apply in your own organisation.

Listening in is easy and FREE! Worth Working Summit 2014 is a virtual online event.

You can listen in no matter where you are in the world and at a time that suits you via computer, laptop, iPhone, iPad, iPod and other mobile devices.

Over five days we will look in detail at what makes a company worth working for; answering the questions:

  • How do you work out what to do differently to increase employee motivation and satisfaction?
  • How do you uncover things that have the potential to undermine morale in your organisation?

These are big questions for any business – with complex solutions that shift and change.

Meet your panel of global experts and some of the well-kept secrets they will be revealing…

David MacLeod

Co-chair UK Employee Engagement Task Force; Visiting Professor, Cass Business School

Addressing business challenges through an engaged workforce

  • A useful and useable definition of employee engagement
  • Correlation between employee engagement practices and ‘good tired’ at the end of the day
  • 3 key business outcomes of a more engaged workforce
  • 4 practical actions from organisations doing engagement well
  • 9 questions to kick start dialogue with employees that get issues out into the open so they can be addressed
  • 3 practical tips leaders can use to enhance engagement in their organisations

Adam Michaelson

VP Product Strategy, Lendio

Cultivating autonomy, creativity and entrepreneurship among employees

  • 6 cultural strengths of small businesses that larger organisations can also apply
  • Impacts of the Western shifts to creativity, innovation and autonomy
  • 4 ways for large organisations to leverage the entrepreneurial dynamic of their employees
  • 3 key motivators for millennials and other entrepreneurs
  • 4 pivotal communication tactics that help organisations achieve business goals
  • How to prevent corporate values becoming a joke to staff

Megan Wiltshire
Head of Internal Communications, Bank of New Zealand

Social Media: Vital way to keep a finger on the pulse

  • 7 key channels the bank uses to build engagement and encourage collaboration
  • Tips for encouraging employees to use new social media apps
  • Cultural attributes of an organisation that make social media more likely to be adopted widely
  • 5 business benefits when employees use social media to connect and build relationships with each other
  • Communicating during a crisis lessons from the earthquakes in Christchurch and Wellington
  • 4 limiting beliefs of leaders that prevent them seeing the true value of social media

Todd Williams

President & CEO, eCameron

Demonstrating the bottom line benefits of engagement

  • How to structure employee benefits so they inspire employees to perform at a high level
  • Using benefits packages to recruit people who are a good fit with the company culture
  • 4 key benefits that attract and motivate experienced professionals
  • 7 ways to personalise benefits when employees work remotely
  • 8 ways of keeping benefits relevant and ensuring they support business success
  • Why benefits stability matters when asking employees to accept change.







Jo Eckersley

Founder, ThinkInnovate







Jason Noble

Technical Director, ThinkInnovate

Thriving innovation attracts creative people

  • 7 reasons innovation and creativity matter to companies and countries
  • 10 attributes that set innovative companies apart and ensure they succeed
  • Controlling risk and other big mistakes blue chip organisations make that stifle innovation
  • Characteristics of individuals who thrive in a culture of creativity
  • 6 things creative people look for in employers
  • 5 step process for introducing a stable platform to innovate from

Inna Getselis

Americas Corporate Affairs Manager, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics; Director, Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce

Using sustainability to stand out from competitors

  • 4 key elements of corporate sustainability
  • Innovative ideas for volunteer programmes employees love to get involved in
  • 5 initial steps for creating sustainability programmes
  • How to identify, formalise and rollout sustainability activities in other locations
  • 9 activities that put sustainability at the core of business activities
  • How to get employees to submit 100’s of ideas for improving sustainability

Jo Ann Sweeney

Founder, Sweeney Communications Ltd

Trust, Apathy, Mistrust & Alienation

  • 5 key determiners of trust in work relationships
  • Easy ways any leader can develop trusting relationships with those lower down their company
  • 4 signs we’re good at relating to other people up and down our organisation
  • Practical tips for helping managers role model trust within their teams
  • 3 effective ways of building trust when teams are spread across different floors, buildings, towns, countries and time zones
  • How to tweak recruitment if you want people to show integrity, honesty and truthfulness at work

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